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"I moved to the Adirondacks in 1990 to finish my communication degree by interning with the Olympic Bobsled team as a communications assistant, Once here I never left. I worked for four years at High Peaks Cyclery stating with updating and sending out mass mailings, then taking over shipping and receiving and finally converting the accounting system over to Quick Books. Then work almost 4 years as a programmer at Essex County. After that I worked 23 as MIS of North Country Home Services. During this time I have run Foreverwild and had a number of fun and interesting projects to work on.  Below are list of some of the project I worked on over the years. 

-Timothy Baker 



The unofficial Town of Waverly Website/ Social Media 

Having a bought camp in St. Regis Falls I wanted to do something for the community. There was no website and limited internet presence for the area. Currently I have started a Facebook page and a Website. I am also collecting photos and videos for future promotional videos and content.

Wireless bridge to an Island

Setup and installed two different wireless bridges to islands in the Adirondacks. One the first install setup a buried line from the boat house to the mechanical room then from there to the main house.

On the second one setup a bridge from the boathouse to a tree on the island which ran to the generator house using POE. Made a bridge from there to the main house.


Livestream the Ice Palace in Saranac Lake.

Set up a live cam to show the building of the ice palace. Created an ftp upload of images during the process to create a timelapse video.


Setup Private Cloud using Synlology

Have set up a number of Synology systems that provide Dropbox like services with an offsite mirrored server.


Animal Shelter Software

Setup a database for the TriLakes Humane Society to record and track animals in the shelter. The Trilakes Humane Society had bought a custom software that was too intensive to enter in info. I built a simple database in Filemaker Pro. The software was use for a number of years and a copy could be used on an iphone to use out in the field. 


Time Lapse Setup

Setup Adirondack Health with a time lapse camera to document the new construction of the hospital.


Accounting system upgrade

After the account system was improperly updated by the prior book keep. I had to write custom reports in Peach Tree to recreate the end of the years tax info. At the same time converted the current system to Quick Books.

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